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manta picnic exterior e decor interiores


It's NOT just a house. It's your place of power.

From Human Being, TO Human Being.

Real people crafting masterpieces that bring meaning and connection to your home and lifestyle.

At Galeria d'Estórias, we offer much more than a curated selection of sustainable handmade products by Portuguese artisans. We deliver a cultural heritage that preserves stories, traditions, and passions, creating a connection between the past and the present.

traditional portuguese basket

Handcrafted with intention.

We illuminate the traditions behind each product. By getting to know each face, their story, and by directly holding hands with those who craft each masterpiece, we turn consumerism into something with a greater purpose: human connection.



textile crafts made in Portugal
Reviving arts and crafts in Portugal involves preserving ancestral techniques and achieving timeless results.
We understand the importance of knowing the origin and impact of our consumption choices: on the environment, in communities, and on the individuals who produce them.
traditional picnic basket

Made In Portugal.


algodão sustentável
By preserving traditional production, coupled with eco-friendly materials, each item is limited edition, ensuring its sustainability and authenticity.
We know and closely follow the concept and production of our partners, establishing a relationship of friendship and respect for the hands of each artisan.
sustainable and ethical brand

Fair trade.

Our Core Values.

made in portugal
Straw beach basket bag

Why? How? Who?

We're more than just a gallery of Portuguese craftsmanship; we're the result of a love story and dedication, passed from mother to daughter, guided by the tradition of basketry that flows through our veins.

Each piece in this collection is more than just an object; it's a living testimony to the tireless effort of generations, an ode to Portugal's authenticity. Here, we give face to the skilled hands that shape our cultural heritage, celebrating each stroke as a work of art.

By choosing a piece of our craftsmanship, you are not just owning an object, but also becoming part of a journey that keeps the flame of tradition alive, ensuring a legacy for future generations of artisans.

Your choice not only decorates your home but also nourishes the soul of a nation, honoring and preserving our roots with each handmade touch.

produção artesanal

Experience the magic of a handmade lifestyle and immerse yourself in the Tradition of Portuguese Art.

Alentejo blanket
vida portuguesa artesanal
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